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Hodgkins, Illinois

7219 Santa Fe Dr.
Hodgkins, Illinois

8 Rail car slots
5 Acres of storage area
20,000 Square feet of covered storage space
500+ Linear feet of rail on two spurs

Lumber and panel products
Building materials
Dimensional materials
Steel products
Bulk Products
Other dimensional products


Partners Dimensional Services, Hodgkins, facility is located adjacent to the BNSF Willow Springs terminal and yard, in Hodgkins, Illinois. The Hodgkins facility is located in a strategic location for deliveries into the entire Chicago area. It is at the intersection of I-55 and I-294. This location is one of the best in the entire area for deliveries or pick ups. This facility is equipped to handle the ever-increasing demand for rail transload services. Partners offers a combination service model that provides unparalleled customer service and expertise on all of your rail car shipments: all with Partners’ complete logistics capabilities to meet your supply chain requirements.


6175 Santa Fe Drive, Hodgkins, Illinois