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Intermodal Heavy Weight Services

Partners can assist you with moving your heavy weight containers. For overweight containers coming into the BNSF LPC Elwood Yard or the UP JIT Joliet Yard Partners moves heavy weight containers under permit.  These heavy weight containers travel the short distance from either intermodal yard to the Partners Elwood Facility.  The total weight of the product, container, and chassis, cannot exceed 81,000 pounds, for a total gross with tractor not to exceed 100,000 pounds.  The particular container and/or chassis weight will impact amount of weight that can be loaded in the container.  However, if done properly, containers which weight out before they are cubed out, can potential move 30% more product (66,600 pounds versus 50,600 pounds). 

The example below outlines a simple calculation that can be done to determine the weight of the product that can be loaded in the container. The weight of tractors, chassis and containers all vary. As a practical consideration a container will rarely be rated to carry more than 65,000 pounds.

 100,000 pound gross
-19,000   pound tractor 
   81,000 net pounds
 -   6,700 chassis
   74,300 net pounds
 -   7,700 Container
   66,600 net pounds / product in container