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Partners Warehouse - Logistics Services Since 1989

Elwood, Illinois

26634 S. Walton Drive
Elwood, Illinois

With our ownership on site every day, we have been providing excellence in logistics services for the last 15 years. Our management team brings over 70 years of warehousing and distribution experience to handle your everyday requirements. Our warehouse staff brings hundreds of years of expertise with handling container and rail box cars. We provide complete Transloading Services in our Elwood Facility, both unloading and reloading a wide variety of boxcars.
We handle a wide array of commodities from; salt, paper (flat and rolled), paper pulp, refrigerated (cheese), grocery products, coil steel, plywood, particle board, and speciality lumber.

Elwood Warehouse Services

•    General Warehousing - Public & Contract
•    High Capacity Rail Service – Un-loading and Re-loading Rail Cars
•    Trans-loading Operations
•    Cross Dock
•    Container Unloading
•    Paper Roll Stock up to 72” diameter & 12,000 pounds
•    Pick N Pack
•    Case and Broken Case Pick

Facility Characteristics

•    440000+ square feet
•    Built in 2003
•    32’ clear ceiling heights
•    52 Exterior fully level or dock doors
•    2 Interior Flat Bed Loading Docks
•    11 rail doors (with a triple rail siding for unloading up to 22 cars with each switch)
•    3,400 linear feet of rail track
•    Full ESFR Sprinkler System
•    80 Trailer Spot Drop Area
•    Bulk and Single Deep Pallet Racking Storage
•    Flow rack