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Aurora, Illinois - EOLA

675 McCLure Rd.
Aurora, Illinois

Eola Dimensional Services

    Lumber and other forest products
    Building materials
    Steel products
    Heavy Equipment and Vehicle Loading
    Other manufactured products
    Bulk agricultural products

Facility Characteristics

    14 acres of storage area
    18,000 square feet of covered shed storage
    3,000 feet of rail track
    42' heavy equipment / vehicle ramp up to 200,000 pounds
    Box car, centerbeam, flat cars and bulk railcars handled
    Truck scale on premises
    Conveyor equipment

Partners Dimensional Services, Aurora Facility is located adjacent to the BNSF EOLA Yard. This facility is an excellent and versatile addition to any supply chain, offering a prime location in the western Chicago suburb of Aurora and a wide variety of storage alternatives, equipment and experienced staff.